How to Break Free from Paper and Embrace the Technology for Efficient Meetings

Have you ever wondered what the success of efficient meetings depends on? It turns out that there are certain rules for conducting a paperless meeting, using which you can achieve mutual understanding and affection from the interlocutor.

Break free from paper and face the technology of efficient meetings

The main condition for the creation of effective mechanisms of interaction between state administration bodies and society is the informatization of all processes that take place in the daily activities of state authorities. One of the areas of implementation of this task is the introduction of electronic document management systems in state administration bodies.

The effectiveness of the management of enterprises and organizations depends not least on the correct solution to the tasks of prompt and high-quality formation of electronic documents, control over their execution, as well as a well-thought-out organization of their preservation, search, and use. To be successful in meetings, you need the following:

  • to know certain information about the participants in the negotiations; the specific weight of such knowledge should be more than 90% of all information about negotiations;
  • to be well-informed about the topic of negotiations, to have at one’s disposal the facts relating to the subject of the conversation;
  • to have some experience in negotiations.

For most leaders, holding meetings is a common thing. But few people think about what stages it consists of and how to implement one or another of its stages. If you optimize the preparation and conduct of the meeting, this familiar tool can significantly increase the efficiency of your team.

The effective réunions sans support papier will help you to analyze specific risks for each business unit and quantify their impact on goals and metrics. Assess the impact of risk on your targets for shareholder value and gross margin. In certain circumstances, sophisticated risk quantification and assessment techniques, as well as dynamic financial analysis, can be used to model the impact of risk.

Board Portal – the best technology for efficient meetings

Without crystal clear, effective communication – the most important tool for any business owner – the success of your company is at risk. Correctly formulating your opinion or agreement can be the difference between a handshake deal or walking away from a lost opportunity! There’s potential for new business everywhere you turn, so if you can’t disclose your company’s customer policies, answer customer questions on the spot, or streamline procedures for employees, you may need to reevaluate the way you send and receive messages, direct and figurative meaning.

Board Portal for efficient meetings has powerful algorithms for scheduling the use of limited resources. Implemented the ability to use interchangeable resources when scheduling work. The use of resource pools relieves the manager of the need to rigidly assign executors to the project work: it is enough to indicate the total number of resources necessary for the production of the work and from which resources to choose this amount.

Board Portal supports artificial intelligence when organizing files and tracking employee performance. It is no secret that modern onboard portals use artificial intelligence quite extensively. Obviously, this is an expensive service that is usually not included in the basic software packages. You should look for more advanced features if you plan on using them.