Is Google Keep Notes Safe for Passwords?

Google Keep is not just a note-taking app. Although the program has a simple interface and is easy to use, it offers a set of powerful tools that make it an effective task management tool. In this article, we will consider how to create a Google Keep password protect note.

What is Google Keep Notes?

If you manage a business or a department of a company, then you probably need to keep a lot of things in mind and therefore you use some kind of reminder application. For example, Google Calendar, which sends you emails or SMS, reminding you that today is someone’s birthday, or that you need to call a client, or pay for advertising. And if you use an online Google Keep notebook, now another type of reminder will be available to you – “local reminders” that pop up on your smartphone when you arrive at a certain place. For example, you can install a reminder so you don’t forget to send an email when you arrive at the office or buy printer paper when you go to the stationery store, or visit a client when you’re in Samara, etc. By the way, classic reminders (by time) in Google Keep are now also available.

Google Keep Notes is a free note-taking program for taking notes and working with them at any time. You can use the application on computers running Windows, Mac, Linux by going to the official website or installing the extension for the Google Chrome browser, or download Google Keep for Android or iOS on mobile phones. The program supports synchronization so that notes are updated on all your devices. In this case, this application is similar to data room functionality.

The program belongs to the mandatory tools and has advanced features:

  • intuitive functionality;
  • all Google services are in contact with the application and work items can be easily added to the program;
  • adjusting the layout of notes – simple drag and drop into a convenient order for the user;
  • color highlighting by groups for quick search;
  • voice recording for creating text with further editing;
  • opening access to a certain circle of persons with the right to make changes;
  • alert with an email reminder, messenger.

Is Google Keep Notes secure?

The Google Keep online notebook has become part of the G Suite (formerly Google Apps) business suite. Thus, it became possible to provide an employee with a notebook (which works in a browser and on a smartphone) and save his notes if he suddenly quits. In addition, the notebook was integrated with the Google Docs text editor. The idea is that employees collect ideas or important pieces of information in a notebook and then use them to create documents. Now in Google Docs you can open the sidebar with notes from Google Keep, find the necessary notes or pictures in it and drag them directly into the document with the mouse.

The notes app Google Keep is very popular but has not been updated or equipped with new features for a long time. That will soon change because the current version hides two improvements under the hood, some of which can give the app a new direction: a dark mode and an incognito mode. The last one would probably not have been expected so quickly.

Many Google apps are currently being switched to an optional dark mode, or now dark theme, and will be based on Android Q’s settings with the final rollout. Google Keep will also be included and will introduce a dark interface with one of the next versions.